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Mountain Home Inn

On our trip we decided to have a truly special experience. We looked on Booking.com at hotels near by. We found the Mountain Home Inn by luck one late night and decided why not! We booked our night and waited patiently for the next morning to come so we can drive and check in!

We headed towards the inn from San Francisco, little did we know we would be taken through such a scenic route. It takes about 20 minutes once you're out of the city. Upon arriving to the inn we were in awe at the views you have from the small parking lot.

It's a very cute and quaint hotel. Upon entering you walk into a small bar and a very small front desk. The staff is extremely welcoming, they greeted us with bright smiles and excitement. Immediately they checked us into our room and explained to us how the services work and breakfast in the mornings. We walked downstairs(all rooms are downstairs by the way) and showed us which is our room.

Once we opened the door our jaws dropped. The views of the city in the distance and the trees was truly breathtaking. The hotel really disconnects you from the world, no cell phone reception (yes they offer wifi but what is the fun in that) no televisions anywhere just an FM/AM radio and scenic views. What more could you ask for?

Well!! The bed was extremely comfortable. Your tub has a beautiful view as well as they have placed a window at the base of the tub so you can see outside. The room smelled cleaned it seemed well maintained as well. You have a nice balcony as well with two chairs and a small table so you can sit down with your loved one and enjoy the views.

Looking for things to do while you're up in the mountains? Well do you have tons to do! You can visit Muir Woods or just take a short hike down the trails just outside the front door. You will be greeted by beautiful tall trees. It is extremely quiet while you're up here.

The following morning we woke up rather early to try and catch the sunrise. To our surprise we were greeted by a blanket of fog covering the lower half of the mountain. It looked as if we were above the clouds but it was just Karl the fog as it is called in SF. The views are truly breathtaking and we are sure you will never see anything like these EVER!

After showering and getting dressed for our day we decided to go upstairs and have some breakfast. We read hundreds of reviews about how this place had a magnificent breakfast and that you cannot leave without trying it. So as extremely foodie people we are we decided to have the breakfast! We were greeted by a nice young man ( for the love of us we cannot remember his name!) he had long blonde hair and had a very mellow vibe ugh sorry! Well we asked him what he liked the most and he honestly told us he never served breakfast but has heard the pancakes were good! So Erik ordered pancakes and I ordered the french toast. The reviews did not lie, the pancakes were thick and fluffy, the french toast had a perfect crispy layer and the bacon was to die for! I would highly recommend staying here. OH! and did we mention the breakfast was included!

Well it was our time to check out and we had asked our long haired friend(lol) where to go and what to do?! HE instructed us we go to Stinson Beach and wow did he lead us to the right direction! But thats for another post! Definitely check out The Mountain Home Inn!


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