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Los Angeles.

LA! We had heard so many great things about the famous city. From amazing places to eat food to how amazing the people are and the culture. We arrived early in the morning after driving a few hours from Palm Springs(did not get to see much here). We barely ran into any traffic.. but more onto what to do and see in LA (that we suggest)

First lets talk about what to do and when to do it! We visited LA(well our entire trip) in early November. The weather was perfect not too many crowds either!

The main things we would recommend for you to see is definitely the Hollywood sign, I will link a pretty straight forward Youtube video we made(short and sweet with google maps also!Will be later on after we release this post!) of how to get there easily and without any trouble.

You also have to hit up the beautiful painting of "California Dreaming" which is located in 3485 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA! When we went there was no one there it was probably 10am on a Monday so that would explain everything haha. Popular photo spot that

Is located in a parking lot.

Santa Monica is definitely worth the drive from LA when we went it was extremely crowded and unpleasant to walk. BUT DEFINITELY go visit it if you can.

We parked somewhere along Venice beach($20 all day parking) than took an Uber to the pier to avoid having to find parking.

We decided to also check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame.. to Erik it was a complete let down. We did not even know we were on it until we saw some of the stars haha. It was not

Walk of Fame

anything spectacular or over the top. It is something you must see and experience for yourself if you are in LA! We decided to have breakfast at Tiago Coffee which was AMAZING! Highly recommend going there, amazing coffee and food!

Of course you must also go ahead and visit Dodgers stadium which is about 30 minutes out of LA. One thing you will

Dodgers Stadium from above!

notice when you're by the stadium is how familiar the area looks if you have seen The Fast and the Furious! It's because Dominic Torretos home and market were filmed in the area!

The Urban Lights is located at the LA County Museum of Art which we did not explore much of just the lights. We would recommend you go during the golden hours of sunset as during the day you will not get such nice photos! It's a very popular location so be ready to photoshop tons of people out of your shoot lol.

One last thing we did in LA was try an In-n-out Burger. It did not disappoint, we had a friend Juan(@_jmgvisuals_)who told us to have it "animal style" and so we did. To our surprise we never realized how fresh everything is! The potatoes are cut to order, the meat is made to order as well. The burger was amazing! It was one of the best fast food meals we have ever had. Nothing felt too greasy. It was perfect, definitely try it if you can!

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