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Hey all!

We will try to keep this on the short side just give you tips and tricks to get a little more success on Instagram. A lot of it we are sure will be things you have read on other sites/blogs because its a tried and true method. First things first is a username which is catchy and describes your niche, whether it is luxury travel, budget travel, back packing etc. We've seen lots of budget travel named IGs and a vast majority of the content they post sure does cost money. So pick a name that will work for you no matter what happens! Travelinaday is based on what things can you do in a certain city/county in one day. Sure we take longer trips but we try to focus on things someone could do there in a day or two!

#HASHTAGS! Super important some people don't want to use them or think it will ruin the pages aesthetic. Hashtags are extremely important as they can put you in front of an audience without having to spend hours liking or following pages. The way we use hashtags is a method in which we have had lots of success in which is 10/10/10. Pretty much you want to find hashtags in three different categories. Ten hashtags that have 500,000 posts or more, ten that have between 50-500k posts and ten that have less than 50,000 posts. We've seen that this works when our posts goes viral or "TOP" on that hashtags explore page it tends to go viral on much larger hashtags which are being followed or viewed by many more people.

Content. One of the most important things on Instagram is the content you post. A lot of travel blogs on IG seem to stick to a "theme" and we will admit I (Erik) fell into that trap. Sure it looks clean and has an "aesthetic" but how hard is it for you the poster? We live in sunny south Florida so sure we can post a vast majority of our photos with blue skies and oceans... But what happens when you travel outside of that realm? When you go into a city like New York, Chicago, Madrid? Where its pretty hard finding some nice blue water. You tend to have to photoshop a photo for your "theme" to work. One of the biggest tip is make sure your posts are great. Who cares if you don't stick to a certain theme? We know many successful pages who post real photos without sticking to one theme.

If you're just starting off on Instagram make sure your username fits your personality/niche. At first we recommend you post 9 photos..nine AMAZING photos at first within the first 24 hours so that you have a feed that looks BOMB! It's kind of hard to get a following at first when you have one or two posts on your brand new feed. Fill up that grid. Use amazing hashtags and track your progress. A few apps and websites we use are...

1.Command app. The basics are free, it shows you a grade level to see how your instagram is doing.

The main screen shows you your grade level, and a few posts with engagement ratings etc.

It can also show you when your best times to post are based on your recent posts. If you pay for the full version $59.99 per year or $9.99 a month in can find out at what times your followers are on. Can recommend hashtags based on the photos. Allows you to edit photos in app. You can also add unlimited accounts. It's a great tool.

A graph which tells you at what time to post. It goes off of the last posts you have done and the success rate.

2. Canva is also a great tool which lets you create beautiful posts and stories as well as Facebook,Youtube, Snapchat posts as well. It's also free to use as well as a paid option.

3.IGBlade is also a tool we use to manage all of our accounts at a desktop level. It gives you daily updates on your engagement, follows, unfollows. Also has nice charts which show your growth in all three of those sections.

Always remember to have fun and you will never know what can come out of it. We've met some amazing people throughout the years. It all started as a way to keep track of the trips and photos to share with friends and family. We've met other bloggers from around the world as well as helped a few gain some success.

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