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In San Francisco for a weekend?

On our 3rd stop of our road trip through the west coast we finally made it to San Francisco, where our friend Paul(@__paulanthony_) flew in from Rhode Island to join us for the rest of our trip. We spent a total of four days in San Francisco. Two days before Paul arrived we decided to look around and see what we can find!

We arrived pretty late in the day on a very foggy evening with horrible cell phone service, we don't know if it had to do with the fog. We stayed at a little not so special Inn, the Buena Vista Motor Inn it was not cheap for what we got($124/night on Booking.com) But at the end of the day all we did was sleep there, and we did had a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from our hotel window.

We woke up the next morning and decided to visit The Wharf which Erik's aunt said it was very good and a staple of SF. We had an amazing breakfast(even though it was very simple) but it was tasty and light.

We were able to walk around The Wharf; it was a nice crisp morning ( amazing weather compare to Florida lol ) and we saw the USS Pampanito and SS Jeremiah O'Brien, we did not go inside but we did see them from the outside and for sure say that during the mornings there were no lines forming so try to go early and beat the rush. From the same location of both vessels you can

see Alcatraz in the distance on a clear day (we also did not do this due to the ticketing system in which they have, for us it did not want to work)

We than drove to China town to see what all of the hype was about. It was a very cool little area. It was amazing to see every single store/business we knew in a language we did not understand! The architecture here was oh so beautiful. You don't see things like this in Florida haha. We walked into many cute stores with TONS of things for sale. It was crazy to see how large of a community it is.

Afterwards we drove around looking at random sites and just getting immersed in the city. The time had come to look for a hotel in which we wanted to stay. We knew it was our last evening of our trip we would be spending alone so we decided to stay at a nice relaxing place and we chose the Mountain Home Inn located near Muir Woods National Park. You can read about that here.

When we drove up the mountain we decided to spend the rest of the evening here and go hike in the woods and experience some tranquility before we spent our next few days in cities and driving for countless hours. So we found a short trail right by the Inn which they have a nice little trail guide in the lobby area for you to follow.

The next morning we woke up had some amazing breakfast at the restaurant in the Inn which it was included. We asked one of the employees where he recommend we go and he instructed us to drive towards Stinson Beach and drive the coast. So we did just that packed our car and got on the road. It was about two hours drive round trip back to San Francisco which is pretty awesome. We had a very foggy day so some of the photos we took were useless but we got some pretty cool drone video and photos as well. We highly recommend the drive!

On our way back form Stinson Beach we began to drive back towards the airport to pick up Paul. We did not know how long it would take us to arrive so we left with about two hours until he arrived. We saw beautiful coastlines while driving and tons of scorched mountain sides :(. We picked up Paul and headed to our Air BNB(this was the first time we have ever stayed in one). It was pretty cool at first we did not know what to expect but the room was clean, had a huge bathroom and walk in closet. After we dropped off all of our gear we decided to go to the Golden Gate Bridge to catch some amazing photos... but "Karl the fog" had other plans.

Now we did not know how long the GGB is lol and we decided to walk it. Half way through the bridge we noticed it was a bad idea. It was raining, cold and windy. I'm sure that during a clear day you could see extremely far. Funny enough the other side of the bridge, had a clear day with sunny skies.

We saw helicopter tours flying under and over the bridge! that was a sight to see! IT was pretty cool and intense (we could only imagine how scary or cool it must of been for the passengers of that helicopter).

We then proceeded to to your typical tourist things. The next day we went to the Painted ladies

If you've ever seen the show Full House than you know what this is. For us though it was not that spectacular, yes reliving a childhood memory was awesome, but it definitely is an over hyped location. After that we decided back to the Wharf and met up with one of our old friends who moved from Florida to California. We had some pizza on the pier and he took us to sea the sea lions...my oh my was that smelly.

We went to see some more of the touristy things and drove to the Palace of Fine Arts. Pretty cool structure with an even cooler history. Definitely worth a stop. All though we did not enter the palace nor did we look for art we admired the architecture for a bit.

We headed back to our Air BNB and relaxed for a bit before we went out to San Francisco and meet up with someone we started to dm who lived in SF. His name funny enough was Francisco. We didn't know what to expect but he seemed to be pretty cool he knew some cool spots to take pictures and showed us around( very knowledgeable about his city as well). We walked for a few hours talked, laughed and said our goodbyes. Here are some shots of the places we went with him. Check out his instagram @francistogram

He did tell us about a pretty cool Mexican spot to go it called "Garaje" very cool atmosphere and great food.

We then went around shooting the Bay Bridge, china town at night and a few other locations. This was our last evening in San Francisco before we began our drive to Yosemite National Park. We will keep you posted once we post that blog as well! Stay tuned.

Here are a few photos form our time in San Francisco.

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