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DJI Mavic Air

We use the DJI Mavic Air for all of our drone videos and photos. It's compact size makes it easy to travel with! It can fly for roughly 18-20 minutes. We always recommend buying extra batteries! We currently have 4 batteries for it. We can technically fly nonstop, as soon as one battery is drained we can put it on the charger and in the time it takes to drain the other batteries it could already be charged.

Mavic Air with extra batteries and a set of ND filters

Another great feature of the MavicAir is the ability to film in 4k. This is why we would rather you go with the Air rather than the DJI Spark. It takes extremely high quality photos as well. It is pretty powerful can withstand pretty strong winds I would say around 20mph or so, we've even got caught once in a slight sprinkle with no effect on the drone.

A good set of ND filters is also highly recommended to assist you with your exposure settings when making a video or taking photos. The Mavic will fit into most backpacks and even larger fanny packs!! So far the Mavic Air has only gone to Chicago and some Florida beaches. We cannot wait to take it to the west coast of the United States and abroad!

We used to have a DJI Spark but unfortunately we lost him in Miami after a free accident which involved losing all GPS signals. The Spark is also a great drone for beginners even though we would recommend spending the extra couple hundred bucks to have something that would last you a little longer.

If you still have question about the drone please feel free to send us an email to travelinaday@gmail.com

Link to the Mavic Air- https://amzn.to/2LSj6Ga

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