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Anker Battery Pack!

On the topic of all of our electronics we have to have a way to keep them all charged and ready for action. We used to have a small external battery pack made by Insignia, it was a 7800 mAh did pretty well and is still holding a charge after 4 years.

But we grew our equipment and so did the amount of power we needed. We read a lot online about Anker and how they have such high quality products. So we went to the closest Best Buy in our neighborhood and found a beast 20,000 mAh battery pack. It claimed to charge an iPhone up to 4 times before it dies. Well to our surprise we use this thing almost every trip we take, wether we go to make a small video in Bayside or Miami, or take a flight out of town. It exceeded our expectations with how much it can charge and what it can do. We use it to power our DJI Osmo Pocket during time lapses or when we are doing videos outside for extended periods of time. We have been able to charge our iPhones about 5 times before it gives up and also charges our Sony RX100M3(but it can't shoot).

We can't write a long essay about this product because at the end of the day it's just a battery pack, but a damn good one!

The only downfall is it's charge time which I believe its about 7 hours or so. So if you plan on taking it with you make sure you charge it the night before you go out. It's also charged via a micro usb not a usb-c. It does not have usb-c ports either just USB 3.0 and an IQ smart charger. A newer model has came out since we purchased ours and it does include USB-c.

ANKER- https://amzn.to/31e7GCx

New model- https://amzn.to/2ITbGlE

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