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  Welcome to Travelinaday, our names are Monica & Erik. We used to always sit back on Instagram and scroll endlessly through all these other magnificent pages who showed beautiful places, they showed everyone enjoying themselves and having a great time. But no one showed the truth. 



  The reality of traveling. 


    We want to show people that no matter what budget you are what kind of job you have you can always travel and have a great time. We are always destined to show you the real travel experience, let it be waiting 3-6 hours in an airport without a way to get out, or getting lost in a place where you don't speak the language. 

   Everyone has this misconception that you need the best equipment to take these magnificent shots/videos that everyone shows you. We use basic equipment(yes some of it is costly but never to exceed a crazy amount) We shoot mostly on a DJI Osmo Pocket and iPhone 11 Pro. 

   Follow us as we show you what you can do with gear you already have and the job you currently have. With a little planning and going with your gut feeling you too can also travel!

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